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Dating Tools

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Whose churches, mamas, and pastors don’t give the best advice.

Feeling lost in the confusing world of dating as a Christian? Trade your confusion for biblical insight, practical resources, and a powerful community of singles to help transform your dating life!

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Dating Expert, Author, Single Woman, Overachiever, Ex Love-Addict

Hey friend, it’s your girl Kait!

I’ve had my fair share of unexpected heartbreaks, nightmarish first dates, and unexplained ghosting. Believe me, I’ve seen it all (and dated it all), and if you’re anything like me, you’re fed up with advice from well meaning pastors who got married at 22 and have never actually had to swipe their way into an oblivion.

Here’s the deal, as the single girl walking right alongside you in the modern age of dating apps and ghosting, I can confidently tell you: dating can get better. I went from loathing this process, to walking in my worth, feeling confident to make a move, and finally dating with joy and integrity. If you let me, I’d love to walk with you as you learn to do the same.

(PS. I only have one rule: you have to be willing to talk about the hard stuff, k?)

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The Heart of Dating


Pop in those ear buds and get ready for some #realtalk as we unmask the ever-so ambiguous world of dating as a Christian.

We’ve got the best binge-worthy episodes, powerful, nuanced conversations, and inspiring guests who’ll keep you coming back for more.

Tune in!

“Kait is so genuine and is overall an amazing woman! I know that every time I listen to her, she is real and not afraid to tackle hard subjects in relationships and life in general.”


“As a single man, this podcast is really so encouraging. Kait does such a great job encouraging both men and women in dating and giving practical advice”


“Heart of Dating has given me a new perspective into the dating world… Kait is in her 30s and still walking through it. She is raw and vulnerable and I feel like we are truly friends! This podcast has given me hope about being single and approaching 30.”


“As someone who grew up in the church I never knew how to date… I literally thought you just prayed a husband into existence and wait…. Thank you Kait for bringing truth into dating!”


“This podcast is so encouraging! It’s encouraging to hear single people describe the exact experiences you have endured, reminding you that you are NOT alone in your journey.”


“Singleness can be fun and a growing season and it feels like this is the community of singles I needed!”


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"Thank You for Rejecting me" book Cover

Thank You for Rejecting Me

Rejection can leave deep scars that affect our relationships, our self-worth, and our identities for years to come.

In Thank You for Rejecting Me, we’ll have an honest conversation about turning pain into purpose and fighting for ourselves when unexpected rejections come flying our way.


Attend our Next Global Event

Join me and thousands of Christian singles from around the world to learn, grow, and laugh together (with a side of mingling, but of course).

Wanna be the first to learn more about our next event (it’s gonna be EPIC, trust us) OR find links to past life-changing experiences with some of the top pastors, speakers, and experts in the world?

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04 Join Our Community

Feel like you’re the only single Christian left on the planet sometimes? Finding a fun, welcoming, pressure-free, non-awkward singles community can sometimes feel harder than finding a spouse.

That’s where we come in! We have thousands of dynamic Christian singles who aren’t afraid of asking the hard questions, doing life together, and thriving in our community.


“I just signed up for DTH and WOW!

All these guys really love Jesus and I’m so thankful for all the resources that y’all have been sharing!”


“Not only has it encouraged guys like me in putting ourselves out there and making us believe that we can step out of our comfort zones but it has also helped the single women to make an effort in making the first move.”


“The program has been refreshing!

It has been neat to see guys who desire to meet a girl and put themselves out there to be vulnerable.”


“Just want to say, this is such an awesome platform.

The videos make a HUGE difference. I love it... it is just encouraging to see so many awesome men of God!”


“The Lord has shown me that he can bring healing from brokenness. This is what I am experiencing as I have connected with one of the guys. No matter where this relationship leads... the Lord is calling me to embrace what's in front of me. THIS WAS THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT!”


“It's been great to meet so many women who have a love and passion for God! It's been a breath of fresh air being able to finally talk to Jesus loving women and not having to sift through a dating app wondering if they "really" have a relationship with Jesus.”


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Woman sitting on a bed with a sweatshirt saying "Therapy is Sexy"Man standing against a wall

Therapy is Sexy!

… Let us show you why. ;)

In today’s dating world, we are less concerned with seeing your credit score and more concerned with seeing a receipt from your therapist. You think we’re joking… but we’re not!

Emotional and mental well-being is hugely attractive! This is why we are so proud to partner up with Faithful Counseling. They offer affordable options to find virtual Christian therapists, and you’ll get 10% off your first month when you sign up through Heart of Dating!

Hundreds of people in our community use Faithful Counseling and LOVE it! We know you will too.


“It helped me to finally have closure from my uncommitted ex that led me on.”


“I got healed from all of my trauma!”


“My Christian Counselor challenged my cycle of shame and pointed me to Jesus again and again.”


“I’m finally making boundaries and feel confident that God wants me to have those boundaries.”


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07 Kait’s Fav Resources

With all the conflicting dating advice for Christians swirling in the atmosphere, where do you find super simple, practical help? Here’s where you find out!

These free resources are my game-changing ways to transform how you’re showing up in your current season, while gaining insight to date in ways that are smart, easy, and fun.

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