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Mini Man-sode 44: How to Build Holy Habits


Noah Herrin

Today JJ is brining on head pastor of The Way Church in Nashville, Noah Herrin, to talk about how to build holy habits. 


Today we’re back with a brand new season of men’s minisodes AND we have a special guest! Lead pastor of The Way Church in Nashville, TN, Noah Herrin! He is a 29 year old husband to Maddie and father to Lion and Mila. We have a fun episode planned for you today so lets jump right in! 

Would you rather… fight an ostrich to the death or fight a shark? In your battle with the shark you can only loose a limb. 

As soon as JJ said ostrich, Noah knew he would choose whatever came next because he hates birds with long necks (LOL), because he got bit by a duck when he was 4 years old. So hands down, he’s fighting the shark and losing a limb. 

When you have a room of single Christian men.. What’s the top question you get?

He thinks the question would probably have to do with pornography. Statistics that are out on how many people in general but especially men that struggle with pornography are eye opening. AND if you don’t struggle with it you probably struggle with the temptation of it. We usually see this as a habitual sin. 

There are two different spectrums we see with this. We see people who are struggling in private and don’t it’s their worst nightmare to talk about it and they think they’re alone and the only one struggling. Then we see people who have completely normalized pronography and masturbation, even in the Christian sphere. 

Practically, get a biblical strategy. Noah wrote a book called Holy Habits (not about overcoming porn) and he thinks pornography is simply a fleshly habit. We have to find a way to trade in fleshly habits for holy habits. Noah had to figure out how to develop habits that would change his heart not necessarily change his actions. The actions would follow but it had to start with his heart. A huge part of getting free for Noah was an accountability partner. Find people who you trust to be wholly vulnerable with. 

If you had your single 24 year old self here, what would you go back and tell yourself?

Noah, stop wasting so much time. That’s what he would tell himself. When you’re in a season you always feel like you don’t have enough time. You have way more time than you think, what are you doing with it? One day, weather we like it or not we will have to give an account of your time. For JJ, so much of his free time was spent in pleasure. 

What took you from a young man to the man you are today?

Noah remembers where it started. At 24 a trusted guy looked him in the eyes and told him, “Noah it’s not going to get easier, you’ve got to get better.” One of the things he learned from him is that discipline leads to freedom. Noah had to figure out what his vision was. He had to get serious and thinking farther ahead. If you haven’t predecided what the priorities are going to be in your life then your life will decide for you. 

2 questions every man should ask himself: 

What are you called to do? 

What would it look like for you to be calleneged in that? 

The habit gets us to the goal. 

How did you build the book, Holy Habits?

Noah wrote down which habits he thought had the most amount of impact with the least amount of trouble to implement. The point was more about accessibility than laziness. 

The hardest habit for Noah personally is prayer. He writes about the 60 second prayer. The whole premise is, after every event on your calender take 60 seconds to talk to God. At first Noah had to put it on his calendar but now it’s a habit. 

What’s your number one piece of dating advice for singles?

Don’t go on a date hungry spiritually. 

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Noah Herrin

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Noah is a 29 year old communicator, author and pastor based in Nashville, TN. He has a passion to talk about the person who changed his life: Jesus. Noah and his wife Maddy launched a new church in Nashville in September of 2023 called Way Church. He has also become a trusted voice to followers of Jesus around the globe speaking at churches, universities and conferences about the life changing power of the Gospel. In 2023, he released his second book titled: Holy Habits, which has become a best seller in multiple categories on Amazon and other platforms. Noah and Maddy have 2 kids, a son named Lion and a daughter named Mila.

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