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Mini Man-sode 52: Hustle Culture is Dumb, Do Hard Things For God


Kaleb Ward

Today JJ is joined by Kaleb Ward to talk about stopping hustle culture and how to start doing thing out of a strong why or vision. 


Hey there Heart of Dating MEN, welcome back to another mini man-sode on the Heart of Dating podcast!!! We’re continuing in season 12 and today we’re having us a good ole bro chat. We are pumped to have Kaleb Ward on the pod today again. We’re talking about hustle culture and how DUMB it is! Our goal in today’s conversation is to help you stop using just willpower or emotions but to use everything in your being to create a strong enough WHY or VISION to propel you through hard things. Interested? Let’s dive in! 

We’re talking about being disciplined and doing hard things today. There’s something about when you do something really hard, that you have to tell people about it. Kaleb and JJ talk about long runs, ice baths, and fasting as things that are really hard that you can’t help but share about. Kaleb says that he feels like becoming more disciplined as a man is essential to evolving into the man that you want to be. 

JJ grew up with the quote, “hard work beats talent every day, especially when talent doesn’t work hard.” Looking back JJ says it works to a degree, but it just falls flat of how he thinks men are designed. Where JJ is at NOW, is that the idea of telling someone to work hard for work hard’s sake is just stupid and this is where hustle culture falls short. JJ thinks you have a purpose and a vision that is so alluring to you that you are so ddesprate and hungry for that you say, “I’ll do anything to get there. I’m desprate to be at that place and I’ll do anything to get there and that will fuel my hard work in the short term and in the long term more than anything else I could ever listen to and emotional get myself amped up onb and actually last me a lifetime.” 

Is that something that you feel like you’ve learned or where do you think you fall when it comes to doing hard things? Why they’ve been so hard for you and how it maybe feeds into vision and purpose?

Kaleb tries to look at his life each month and really look at what he’s neglecting. When Kaleb starts to do things he doesn’t want to do his brain starts firing in different ways. He’s doing things he never thought he could do. So then his brain starts to think that maybe he could do these other things he didn’t think he could. He finds that when he’s doing things that are very difficult for him, it opens up new pathways into his brain for other things he’s neglecting. 

You can’t let your hard work in some areas of life be the reason you don’t show up in other areas. Who are you giving your best to and first? JJ wants to align his goals with what his priorities in life are. 

Your WHY deeply matters! A lot of times we justify our why’s based on the results we see. 

What do you think of the gym Christian influencers?

It really does come down to the indivudial’s heart. 

Currently, how does your spiritual life and motivation to be a man, does it conflict against the hustle culture and the David Goggins? Do you feel like there are conflicting messages or do you blend them into this Kaleb motivation that’s specific to you?

Kaleb does say that he thinks they overlap. He thinks it becomes unhealthy when his mind is so focused on providing for his wife, providing for their 401k providing so they can give, providing a place where he can go workout and his wife like what she sees, INSTEAD of it being one step at a time. You can’t go out and do all of those things without the framework needed to look through the lens of your day. 

What if I’m single? How would single Kaleb, without a wife, have that same kind of bumpers?What would those bumpers look like to just remind you?

Friends. Kaleb surrounded himself by men who loved the Lord so much that it was uncomfortable sometimes. They were so nosey and involved in his dating life and every facet. He had dudes in his life that were better than him and were more spiritually mature and would challenge him. If you don’t have that, find it. 

Proverbs 27:6 

When JJ doesn’t feel like doing something, the thing that carries him through a lot of times is the power of habit. You have to keep evolving. 

What is your why?

Kaleb’s is “I want to love God, and I want to love people.” 

For JJ it’s always been a journey. He’s desprate to know God more and he’s despreate to specifically with men, show them God’s love and that there’s so much more for them. 

It’s also important to notice what you want your why to be and what your why actually is. 

Why do you think that a heart doesn’t break a lot of times for people who don’t know the Lord?

JJ thinks it could be a couple of things. It could be apathy, fear of what they might do or rejection, and ignorance to the good news and eternity. 

When you get off of these podcasts, do you ever struggle with what you said? Or approval of, did I say anything dumb? How do you get to a place where you’re not bound to the opinions of what other think?

JJ says that he just wants to be so obsessed with Jesus and trusting that anything dumb or prideful or arrogant I said, and that there’s total grace for that. If there is any semblance of good that we talked about, thank you Jesus because that was 100% you and not me. 

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Kaleb Ward

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Kaleb Ward lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Jeanine. He is a believer and joins Jeanine on her podcast, Happy and Healthy!

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