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Gender Dysphoria, Trans Stereotypes and What the Church Can Do


Kat LaPrairie

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Heart of Dating is so excited to continue our LGBTQ+ Series with the amazing Kat LaPrairie!

Can you tell us more about your story and how you identify?

  • There was a disconnection between her internal self, how she sees herself and her biology
  • What is godly femininity vs worldly femininity was a constant battle in the mind
  • There was a feeling of God being displeased because the terms of being “feminine” wasn’t lived out
  • There was a thought that if the church doesn’t care, God probably doesn’t care
  • Had a season wherein her heart was just at a constant state of coldness towards God
  • Going into church resulted to having a revelation that she was living in so much fear
  • God started using people to bridge the gap between her and the church - specifically Laurie Krieg!

How did God transition your heart from dating women to where you are now?

  • She had the revelation that her sexuality and her gender identity wasn’t hers - but of God’s 
  • Her idolization that her sexuality was hers was taking the place of where Jesus should’ve been
  • God never stopped being enough

How does gender dysphoria show up?

  • The feeling of misalignment between the internal feeling and biological physical appearance felt very elusive
  • Women being bypassed to do certain things due to gender stereotyping was a trigger

How can we better come alongside people who are experiencing gender dysphoria?

  • Having an openness and not assuming anything based on gender stereotypes

What do you think God thinks about your gender expression and identity?

  • That God actually delights in us
  • God is present with us and just be in constant chase of who God is
  • God is not surprised by what you are wrestling with

What's your final nugget of dating advice?

  • Find your identity in God and what that means
  • Ask yourself the question, “What are you holding on to?”

Kat LaPrairie

Kat LaPrairie

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Kat has found identifying as transgender to be helpful in describing how they see and experience the world. Kat’s story of redemption and identity questions have culminated in seeking an overarching question: What does finding identity in Christ look like? Kat is passionate about people, the gospel and finding ways to better articulate God’s radical love for ALL people.

Kat obtained a Master’s degree in Higher Education from Grand Valley State University. Kat has worked alongside Dr. Preston Sprinkle’s ministry as a guest speaker and partner. Kat lives and works in Grand Rapids, MI.

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