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Dating Someone Who is Same-Sex Attracted


Preston Perry

Our LGBTQ+ Series continues today as we interview someone who is married to someone who was same-sex attracted. Yes! It’s possible! We urge you to keep an open mind while listening to this episode and fully hear Greg's story. As we embark on this journey diving into gender, faith, and sexuality we must first remember to lead in humility with open ears and open hearts. Today, Preston Perry shares to us his beautiful story of his wife and his as they both walked through this journey together.

What does it look like to date someone who is same sex attracted?

  • Her past wasn’t the only thing that stood out to him
  • They developed a strong friendship that allowed him to see who she was and who she was going to be and not her past
  • Having grace for homosexual sin as much as heterosexual sin

What does it look like to seek to understand what someone is going through?

  • The LGBTQ community understand togetherness in a sense wherein a lot of Christians don’t
  • Just being human towards these community and treat them with kindness and compassion
  • Not accepting the sin but not exalting it either

"We do a bad job at humanizing people that we don’t understand"

How were you able to see the other buckets of intimacy - emotional, spiritual, etc. of your relationship on an even playing field without glorifying sexual intimacy?

  • It started with God and his belief in Him
  • We have this inability to believe what God can do in other people
  • Believing in God doesn’t just mean believing for your own life but for others as well
  • Get a chance to know who God has created the person to be

Could you describe that light bulb moment wherein you realized that Jackie had the best type of characteristics for a partner that led to you guys being married?

  • Had a revelation that everything that he prayed for, Jackie had
  • Had a realization that God wanted him to pursue Jackie

Can you open up some of your fears that came up while you were dating due to her past?

  • The only thing that would make him break it off with her was if she didn’t love him
  • He didn’t allow her struggles to run him off
  • Her struggles didn’t make him draw back, her struggles made him love her more just like God did for him
  • He had to model Christ towards her
"I had a realization that Jackie's past should not be stronger than my love for her"

How did the discipleship for you change over the years and how it was vital for you and your relationship with Jackie?

  • His Pastor made him realize that maybe the only thing that he was walking away from was the main thing that God was using to sanctify him
  • He reminded him to go back to scripture and how God’s love has drew him back in

What does it really look like to give the same grace that God has given you?

His issues started to come up when he started becoming vulnerable towards Jackie and she gave him the same amount of grace that he’s given her

What is your final nugget of dating advice?

  • Every relationship should have the goal of marriage and for God’s glory
  • Learning how to love unconditionally
  • A lot of ways that God wants to sanctifies us, he does a lot of it through marriage
  • If God can get glory out of it, it’s not too hard for us to even run away from it

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Preston Perry

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Preston Perry is a poet, performance artist, teacher, and apologist from Chicago. By the grace of God, Preston has become a formidable communicator of the gospel. His love for people inspires him to pair transparency and vulnerability with his creativity in a way that promotes freedom. Preston pursues engagement with people from various faith backgrounds. He has a palpable passion for God’s word, and stands on biblical truth amidst his study of other religions. Preston’s writing and teaching has been featured on ministry platforms like The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, the Poets in Autumn Tour, and Legacy Disciple. In 2017, Preston founded Bold TV and Bold Apparel as avenues to engage the public in theological discourse. Though Preston shares God’s desires for humanity publicly - he considers his family his primary ministry. Preston resides in Atlanta with his wife Jackie and their three beautiful daughters.

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Website IconPodcast Mic IconInstagram IconFacebook IconLinkedIn IconTick Tok IconTwitter IconYoutube IconCustom Icon

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