Drop the Hanky

by Heart of Dating

Grow in confidence, revamp your dating life, and meet Christian singles!

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Let’s face it.

Dating as a Christian can feel so dang complicated.

You dream of loving someone else deeply and being loved for who you are, but your head is spinning with questions that just aren’t getting answered at church:

How can I confidently put myself out there if I don’t have much dating experience? How do I conquer my fears of rejection? What happens if you don’t feel a spark on the first date? Do I really have to use creepy dating apps? Will I be swiping left forever?

And perhaps the biggest question of them all…

Where are all the quality Christian singles?! Like seriously, what gives?

All of this frustration is enough to make you want to quit dating altogether. You’ve thought about it a million times already.

But you know giving up won’t help you find what you really desire…

You’re ready to try something different.

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Drop The Hanky is a new way to date with joy and integrity!

I created it to help you…

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Grow your dating confidence and put yourself out there even if you have little (or no) prior dating experience!

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Cultivate vulnerability and develop Godly friendship with a community of men who understand you!

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Take purposeful action in your dating life instead of waiting around and continuing to complain about your singleness!

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Try a fun, low-pressure way to meet and date without the weird competition and hookup vibes of today’s dating apps!

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Put yourself out there to practice owning what makes you awesome and overcome your fear of rejection!

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Connect with high quality Christian women from all over the world who are just as excited to date as you are!

If you’re a Christian guy who’s ready to take a bold leap into love, this digital dating program might be the answer to your prayers!


Hey y’all, I’m Kait!

I  know firsthand that dating as a Christian can be rough. #thestruggleisreal

I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaks. Abandonment, betrayal, self-hatred, abuse, sexual assault, shame… You name it, I’ve probably walked through it. I’ve dated a lot and I’ve seen a lot.

The pain I experienced tempted me to throw in the towel with dating and wait until God brought my husband to my doorstep. But instead, I decided to use it as a catalyst to meet a deep need in the faith community and help other Christian singles date with JOY.

I started the Heart of Dating Podcast to introduce smart, kind, and hilarious mentors to hopeful daters all over the world. As our audience grew, I teamed up with the most amazing speakers to host events to help men and women find encouragement and breakthrough in their lives and relationships.

When our podcast subscribers and event-goers kept asking us how to actually date and where to find quality Christian singles so they could practice their new-found confidence, I knew I had to create a solution. And voilà! Drop The Hanky was born!

If you’re looking for a pressure-free, faith-based dating experience as an alternative to all the sketchy dating apps out there, we’d love to welcome you into our community!

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Real Results from Real Daters

"I joined Drop the Hanky right when the pandemic took off. I didn’t have a lot of success, but I decided to make it fun and really put myself out there anyways. I saw Justin’s video and reached out. He was so intentional and everything felt so natural. After only 2 weeks, he flew to Mexico to meet me, and to be my date at a friend’s wedding. He makes me feel so special, loved, and cared for. Drop the Hanky has been a great platform to see that there are men out there who really love God and want to honor Him in dating and the pursuit of marriage. Thanks so much for this wonderful program!”


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Drop The Hanky is the digital dating program you’ve been waiting for!

Here’s what you’ll get!

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Low-Pressure Dating Opportunities:

Record a video to meet quality Christian gals who are actually looking for dates. ;)

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Men’s Community Group:

Build friendships with other Godly guys, talk through the tough stuff, and share your wins!

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First Dibs on Future Events:

Exclusive access to upcoming conferences, virtual summits, merch drops, and more!

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Invite to Our Community:

Even more help from Kait and thoughtful perspectives from other members!

How it Works for the Guys

Drop the Hanky is an exclusive dating program that gives you the opportunity to meet quality Christian single women and have a community of epic dudes at your side… FOR FREE.


Sign up for a FREE meeting with our in-house video coach. During this low-pressure meeting, our coach will help you record a video on the spot to introduce yourself to the ladies of DTH! (Don’t worry! It’s easy and we’ll give you instructions to help you know what to say!)


If you’re feeling confident, you can record a video on your own and send it right to our team instead of recording with our video coach.


Fill out an easy application form to ensure your video is approved to launch on Drop the Hanky.


Once your video is reviewed and approved to go live, our awesome Christian gals who see and love your video can “drop the hanky” and kick things off by sending you a DM on Instagram. Flirt, have fun, practice good communication, and see where things lead!


Enjoy access to our private Men’s Community Group that meets twice a month on Zoom!

Get Ready For Your Debut!

Watch an example video from some of our guys and get ready to record your own video!

I love how simple this program is and I don’t feel pressured.


"Drop The Hanky challenged me to put myself out there knowing there would be some sort of response! 10,000 times better than a dating app! Gave me an opportunity to meet awesome women who love God!"


"This program has definitely helped me get over the hump of what I was holding onto in my past. This experience has helped my expectations on dating and even changed my outlook in being more hopeful for what God has for me in my future wife. It's enabled me to move forward in my dating life!"


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It’s time to bring FUN and CLARITY into Christian dating!

Dating as a Christian doesn’t have to be so scary, confusing, or stressful. Sliding into someone’s DMs doesn’t mean you have to get married! You have full permission to take the pressure OFF and enjoy!

If you’re willing to go all in on the adventure of sharing your heart with others who hold the same values as you do, there’s no telling what incredible things you’ll find on the other side!

It might just be your person!

You CAN put yourself out there and communicate with women in healthy ways.

You CAN find the confidence to kindly turn women down AND keep an open mind to say yes.

You CAN take the next step forward with courage and vulnerability.

You’re smart, awesome, and so WORTHY. Feeling brave?

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Headshot of Kait WarmanMan picking up woman while dog jumps

Kait, this sounds awesome…

but I’m worried I won’t make a connection with anyone!

I hear you, friend! I totally understand that it can feel vulnerable and risky to put your heart on the line in dating.

That’s why the Drop The Hanky program is about so much MORE than sharing a video with Christian gals, hoping to find your match.

DTH is designed to help you form friendships with other guys and develop vulnerability so you can approach women in healthy ways, open yourself up, and maybe even go on some dates.

Getting a DM from a great Christian gal is just the cherry on top!

You’ll have some great chats with other singles and learn how to be more confident in who you are. You’ll develop a better understanding of the things you are and aren’t looking for in a dating partner.  You’ll gain a ton of insight from our in-house dating expert Kait Warman and join a community of other epic Christian men in the same shoes as you. And you might just find an incredible match you never expected!

I can’t predict the future for you but I know that if you jump in with a heart of adventure, you’ll have a great time!

The women seem very interested and really invested in my video as I’ve had people ask specific questions from my video. Bumble could NEVER.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to “Drop The Hanky?”
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"Dropping the hanky” is actually an old Victorian phrase used to describe when women would drop their hanky at an event (like a dance) to catch the eye of a young, eligible gentleman. If a gentleman picked up her hanky, a connection could be made.

While it might not be the Victorian Era anymore, girls can still make it known to a guy that they like him! “Dropping the hanky” means a girl gives a guy she likes a green light by sending the first message to spark curiosity, to open the door and see what he does with it. The best part? The guys who are participating in this program know that women will be reaching out to them, so it's already less awkward. ;)

Will it be possible for me to find a match in my area?
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Drop The Hanky is the perfect fit for men and women who are serious about dating AND open to long-distance and varying ages! While we can’t guarantee you’ll meet someone close to your location or in your ideal age group, we CAN promise that we’ve got some pretty rad people that you might hit it off with!

What are the age ranges of singles in the membership?
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We welcome members from 21-40 years old.

Do you vet or screen new members?
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We do not know our members personally. Heart of Dating assumes no responsibility for the connections formed through this service. By joining this program you hereby assume responsibility for your own experience with the men featured or the single women reaching out in this service. You also hereby agree that you understand Heart of Dating does not personally know the single men or women being featured or reaching out.

FOR WOMEN: By reaching out to the men you see through this platform you agree that you are doing so on your own accord and any outcome should not be held responsible to Heart of Dating. That being said, should you have any issues, please do let us know directly. You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up.

FOR MEN: By submitting your video, you agree to have your video, image, and likeness featured on our platform. You also hereby agree to the sharing of your contact information set forth as your preferred method of communication (i.e. Instagram). If at any point in time you want to remove your video, please let our team know and we will be happy to do so.

What if I submit a video and don’t get any responses?
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We hear your heart, friend! This is part of the process and it could happen to anyone. Don't take it personally. While we don’t know the reason someone may not respond or reach out to you, none of them dictate your worth or value.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you don’t hear from any girls after your video goes live. We would be happy to give you personal feedback on your video to maximize your experience… and we’d even be happy to help you re-record your video!

Do I have to pay to join this program?
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Applying for and joining Drop The Hanky is 100% FREE for great Christian guys! All you have to do is record a friendly introduction video that we’ll host on our site.

I’m a little nervous to be on video… What’s that like?
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Don’t worry, friend! It’s easier than you think! You’ll set up a low-pressure call with our video coach and they’ll help you through the whole thing. You’ll record a video on the spot. If you’d rather record the video on your own, we’ll give you some great pointers for what to include!

Is it guaranteed that my video will be chosen?
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No. Our team reviews each submission to make sure that everyone joining the program is a good match for it! We’ll let you know if you’re accepted or not.

Why do I need to keep my video active for 30 days?
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We ask all men to agree to keep their video active on the platform for 30 days after it goes live so that you can truly get the most out of the program and give it a real shot!

What if I want my video removed from Drop The Hanky?
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If you meet your match or decide you want to take a break from DTH at any point after the initial 30 days of it being live, please reach out to us directly at and we’ll remove your video!

You don’t have to keep your dating life on pause.

It’s time to press PLAY!

If finding a faith-filled partner is the desire of your heart we’d love to help you fall in love with yourself first, understand the practical side of dating and relationships, and continue your search for an awesome partner in a low-pressure, FUN way!

Hundreds of quality Christian singles have trusted Drop The Hanky to help them get out of their comfort zones, date safely, and have a great time!

Will you be our next success story?